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How much of your metabolism is determined by your genes? The answer is 25 percent. The other 75 percent is completely and utterly within your control. Let's review that one more time: Your present metabolism is only 25 percent attributable to your genes. The remaining 75 percent is determined by you.

Surprised? Start accepting this fact. I know, I know, right now you are saying, "That simply cannot be the case. My sisters and I are all overweight, as were our parents, so it must be our genes." I wish I could tell you that your assumption is true, but if your parents and sisters—your whole family—have struggled with their weight, then odds are behavior patterns have caused this to be the case. When was the last time you sat down with your sisters and really discussed your eating and exercise programs? When was the last time the three of you decided to take a walk rather than sit and have coffee and cookies together? What are your family holiday dinners like? Do you all pride yourself on being great cooks? Very possibly you are all great cooks, as were your parents, but that could be the problem. Just possibly, your family placed a great deal of emphasis on food. Did you celebrate over food? Did you reward with food? Are you repeating behavior patterns?

You may be surprised by your answers and observations. We all deny certain behavior. Sometimes reality is just too harsh and we selectively edit past and present recollections. Always remember, you and you alone are responsible for your behavior.

The Safe Excuse

Do you really believe your genes were to blame, or were you just looking for an excuse for your behavior? I realize that this is a harsh remark. I don't mean to badger you, but the only way you can successfully flip the switch is to be honest and realistic about your past and present behavior.

The genes-or-metabolism argument is a safe excuse. It enables you to justify your present situation: "It just has to be my genes or my metabolism that caused this weight gain. It's just not fair." It allows you to be a victim and therefore not responsible for your present body weight and health. But it's not a valid argument. You can lose weight. It is in your control. You are not a victim of your genes. What you are is a victim of your behavior. Your body weight is not predetermined by your genes. Your body weight is determined by your behavior.

You must practice visualization and learn to see that success in your mind's eye. If you can eliminate this barrier of not believing in yourself and overcome your inability to picture yourself as a winner, you will discover that weight loss is within your reach.

Behavior Prevails

It doesn't matter whether you are a Lifelong Struggler or a Slow Gainer; in both instances, behavior prevails. As a Lifelong Struggler, were and are chronically overweight. Just because you started out ó does not mean that you were predetermined to be that way. As a slow Gainer who didn't have a weight problem for many years of life, don't think that you are some sort of "genetic mutant" who suddenly changed as you got older. Quite the contrary. Your genes remained the same. What changed was your behavior. Your behavior caused your weight gain, not aging or some other factor such as menopause. Don't despair. You can change your behavior. At any at any time, you can lose weight and once again be in control of ' body.








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