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All the Guides and Sweep positions are now filled.

Riders, do you have family or friends that would like to help out with the Ouachita Challenge? Our maybe even yourself. If you can think of someone who would otherwise just be standing around waiting on you to get done with your ride or someone who wants to come to the event but does not want to participate then send them here to sign up.

We also need folks to volunteer for guides and sweeps for both the tour and race. So if you are a rider and would like to volunteer as a sweep or guide then you have come to the right place. As a sweep or guide you can ride in the Ouachita Challenge for free. There are a few things you should know about being a sweep or guide before volunteering for these places.

  • We ask that you be in good physical conditon.This course is very demanding.
  • You must have ridden this course before and / or know the course very well.
  • As a sweep you must be the last person on the course for a particular section. So you will have to ride as slow as the slowest person on the course. You can not leave anyone behind.
  • As a sweep you can only ride the section you are assigned to and not the entire course.
  • We usually try to double up on sweeps so no one is riding alone, so if you have a buddy who might be interested let them know to come here and sign up.
  • As a guide you must know the course in order to direct riders who may be confused on which way to go. You will also need to carry extra water, food, parts and small first aid to help any riders in trouble

We only have a set number of sweeps and guides that we allow in each year, so if you are interested hurry because these spots go really fast.

The Ouachita Challenge is operated by volunteers and it takes a lot of them. We have different places and functions that a person can help out so we are sure we can find something for everyone. We want to make the volunteer experience at the Ouachita Challenge a great one! So no matter who you are we can find a place for you to be apart of this great experience and for taking care of our riders we are going to give you an event t-shirt as well as breakfast and dinner all for free. If you have a friend that would like to help send them here to sign up we always try to buddy people up with one another.





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